General Information About Party Bugs

Party Bugs is a Finnish insect food brand that was the first in the world to create the idea to brand edible insects as party snacks. Party Bugs launched its first product line at the beginning of 2020 at the huge German Trade Fair, Berlin International Green Week, just before the coronavirus canceled parties globally for over two years. During the pandemic, the edible insect industry suffered heavily, and many edible insect companies quit, but Party Bugs continued developing its products. At the beginning of 2023, the second Party Bugs product line was ready, consisting of 6 cricket snacks and six mealworm snacks made from roasted whole insects. At the end of April 2023, Party Bugs already had distributors in more than 15 countries. Party Bugs is primarily a producer and wholesaler of edible insect snacks, but it also runs a webshop for insect food.

The Party Bugs Mission

Insect protein production is more sustainable than beef, pork, and chicken; insects are also superfoods. However, first of all, insects are food, and buying and eating food should be enjoyable. Therefore, at Party Bugs, we don’t want to make our customers feel guilty by reminding them of the end of the world and the dangers of unhealthy food. Instead, we prefer a positive attitude and invite people to come together, enjoy their life, and have a good time with their friends.

Party Bugs brand

Party Bugs is a premium edible insect snack brand competing not with price but with the highest quality, most delicious taste, and luxurious brand image. Still, our products are very price competitive compared to other edible insect brands in the EU market.

Party Bugs has put much effort into finding not the cheapest but the most delicious crickets and mealworms from the EU and packaging the products into the most luxurious packages in the insect food industry.

Party Bugs insect snacks are the perfect marriage of taste and aesthetics, ensuring you’ll never settle for less.

The History of Party Bugs and customer feedback

Party Bugs has always aimed to become the world’s dominant edible insect snack brand, and at the beginning of 2020, the three first Party Bugs products were ready to be launched at the world’s biggest snack fair in Germany. The products were an immediate overkill, and dozens of distributors from more than 25 countries loved them, calling Party Bugs the most exciting and best-flavored edible insect products on the market.

Then came the corona and put everything but product development on hold leading to 12 more spectacular Party Bugs products!

Since marketing the newest product line started at the end of 2022, the feedback has been even more phenomenal than the first three products. Everyone seems to like them in Europe, the US, the UK, Canada, and Asian countries. After trying, everyone finds their favorite taste in our product range, but most people simply love the whole product range. Party Bugs has found regular distributors in over a dozen countries in just a few months, including European countries, the UK, North America, and South America.

The Party Bugs Story

Party Bugs tells a very peculiar and fantasy full story about its genesis on its web pages. According to the story, the company’s founders, Mr. Party Master, and Mr. Funtastic, met an extraterrestrial sequin-suited ant bear, tasking them with creating delicious and stylish insect snacks. The ant bear also gave them three commandments:

  1. Never eat or touch boring insect snacks.
  2. Have fun and enjoy life.
  3. Invite friends to parties and share the joy of eating insects.

Finally, the Ant Bear instructed the founders to name their insect snacks Party Bugs and always wear glitter when promoting them.

Party Bugs produces its insect snacks in Finland, an EU country, and buys its insects from EU countries where all breeders must follow the strict EU regulations for food safety.

Celebrate with Party Bugs!
Eating healthier and saving the planet come as a bonus!
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