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to lead an insect food startup that has reached the stage of international and rapid growth

The company

The Finnish Party Bugs brand, founded at the turn of 2019 – 2020, focuses 100% on exports and is on its journey to becoming the world’s dominant insect food brand.

Distributors praise Party Bugs as the most delicious and exciting product line on the market. It is no wonder that our new product series, which entered the market at the end of 2022, already has distributors in more than ten countries, although the company’s growth from a tiny startup has only begun.

Now is the time has come to turn product development into money. — What an attractive challenge!

The brand’s founders, Doctor of Economics Pasi P. Porkka and graphic designer Veli-Matti Mäkelä have already built the foundations. Party Bugs has attractive products, procurement channels, a manufacturing facility, and a growing number of international distributors.

The Market

As edible insects have finally become legally recognized as food, the market for edible insects has started growing, but the market is still almost untouched. The market has no dominant players yet.

Therefore, Party Bugs has a good chance of becoming the first internationally successful brand in the insect food industry. We already have excellent products and pockets full of great ideas, but we need more hands and brains.

The market for edible insects is still small, and Party Bugs aims to grow and cut a big slice of the market. Party Bugs has not come to apologize but to win!

The qualification requirements for the job

We are now expanding our team and looking for a versatile expert to train to be the company’s next CEO and possibly the company’s new Party Bugs entrepreneur. The CEO candidate must be ready to do all kinds of work, including production, as in the early stages of the company, the team is small, and money is scarce. The candidate must have experience in entrepreneurship, perseverance, multi-talent, and quick learning skills. He/she must have the energy and endurance to work long hours.

Enthusiastic and talented students in the final stages of their studies can also apply for the job. Multi-talent, drive and the ability to learn quickly are the keys to success in this position. Enthusiasm and talent can compensate for experience to a certain point.

In the food industry, expecting trouble is a rule, and success is a miracle. Whenever you think the company is finally taking off, someone shoots it down again. Still, you must not stop trying. So far, our company has survived the collapse of the first Finnish insect boom in 2018, the corona pandemic, and Putin’s war. When problems arise, the CEO can not throw his / her hands up, saying, “I can’t.”. You can take a breath for a couple of days after all of your earlier plans and dreams have become ruined (again), but after that, you should regain your creativity and develop new solutions.

We at Party Bugs know we are making the best edible insect snacks in the world. You don’t want to stop running in such a situation but keep going whatever happens. Now the steadfastness of the company’s founders has started bearing fruit.

Pasi, the current CEO of the company, also has the title “Director of Everything” which comes from his many roles in the company:

Financial and Cost Accountant, Carpenter, CEO, Construction Worker & Manager, Electrician, Copywriter, Digital Marketing Manager, E-shop Keeper, Factory Tool and Equipment Design Manager, Financial Director, Global Sales Director, Global Sourcing Director, Group CEO, IT Manager , Legal Specialist in Food Industry, Logistics Manager, Manager of E-commerce, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Operations Director, Overseas Exports manager, Packaging Machine Operator, Cleaner, President of the Board of Directors, Product Development Manager, Production Planner and Manager, Production Technician, Purchasing Director, Quality Manager, Sales Director, Excel and Mathematical Optimization Expert, Programmer, Sales Manager, SEO expert, CRM software specialist, Secretary, Sourcing Director, Chief Cook and Recipe Developer, Strategic Director, Supply Manager, Renovation Man, Translator, Web developer, Webshop Sales Operator and Manager, Webhosting Administrator, Sewing Machine Operator, Photogra pher, trade correspondent in Finnish, Swedish, English and German, and trade fair salesman.

If the new CEO candidate does not know everything yet, that’s okay. The founders of the company, who have learned many of those things on the fly, will help the candidate. At Party Bugs, you can learn many new things you would never learn in a corporate where everyone works in their strictly defined boxes.

Investment Opportunities

A multi-million euro exit has been the goal since the founding of Party Bugs.

Key people can invest in the company and enjoy the fruits of their labor as its value increases. A motivating stock option package for the new entrepreneur is possible.

Real venture capitalists rather invest in an A-class team with a B-class plan than a B-class team with an A-class plan. Party Bugs wants to offer venture capitalists even better: an A-class team with an A-class plan! But before that, the company is set to grow and generate money to get a high valuation before we raise growth capital from investors. We will tell investors beautiful stories and show them strong numbers.


The CEO/entrepreneur candidate’s remuneration depends on the company’s success. Initially, we expect you to invest a lot of sweat capital and take personal risks. If you don’t have the savings to live a year without a salary, this company, in its early stages, is not for you.

The Training of the CEO

The CEO’s training and probationary period take half a year. When the new managing director-in-waiting has learned his job, the founder Pasi takes over as creative director and chairman of the board, helping the managing director when needed.

When the amount of work increases and money starts coming in, the CEO recruits a dream team to help.


Do you also believe in insect food as a future megatrend? Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Do you want to be a pioneer? Are you energized by challenges and hooked on solving real-life business problems? Do you have the courage to put your time and skills on the line and take a risk to win a big reward?

Take contact and write to us to jobs () partybugs . com .

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Party Bugs produces its insect snacks in Finland, an EU country, and buys its insects from EU countries where all breeders must follow the strict EU regulations for food safety.

Try Party Bugs and get happily surprised!
Eating healthier and saving planets come as a bonus!

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Where do the world’s tastiest party snacks come from?

Where do the world’s tastiest party snacks come from?

Party Bugs snack insects are produced in Finland, which is a country in Europe, and they comply with EU’s food safety regulations. EU’s regulations on edible insects are the strictest in the world which guarantees the safest, best tasting, and highest quality edible insect products you can find!