First, there were potato chips and salty nuts. Then came Party Bugs!

Party Bugs is the world’s first edible insect product line branded 100% as party snacks.

Insect protein production is very sustainable compared to beef, and insects are also superfoods. However, and first of all, insects are food, and buying and eating food should be enjoyable. Therefore, at Party Bugs, we don’t want to make our customers feel guilty by reminding them of the end of the world and the dangers of unhealthy food. Instead, we prefer a positive attitude and invite people to come together, enjoy their life, and have a good time with their friends.

Eating healthier and saving planets come as a bonus!

Party Bugs has a passion for tasty, healthy, exciting, and sustainably produced snacks. The recipes and taste are the keys to selling food. Still, edible insect companies have neglected recipes and fun too often, primarily marketing their products with environmental and health benefits. After analyzing all the major edible insect snack products on the market, Party Bugs decided to make everything better, starting from recipes. The result is 12 delicious snacks that easily beat the traditional snacks with their mouth-watering tastes. Come and try Party Bugs snacks yourself!


Party Bugs’ superior insect snack recipes for roasted crickets and mealworms, fun with friends, the coolest product design on the market, and affordable prices are the key factors to creating the market-winning craving for Party Bugs.

Party Bugs are the highest-class premium edible insects on the market. Still, our prices are affordable and competitive compared with more traditional snack products.


Party Bugs is all about food, friends, and a good time. Surprise your friends and put the new exciting snack from Finland on the party food table.


Party Bugs is party food for everybody and every party. Finely designed Party Bugs products fit all parties ranging from bars, restaurants, and nightclubs to movies, festivals, sports events, home parties, and cozy evenings.



Party Bugs is a startup. Besides delighting their customers with their delicious products, they are looking for distributors and investors.

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