Why are edible insects still so expensive?

Learn more about the challenges facing the edible insect industry and how it is working to bring down costs. Edible insects, a sustainable protein source, remain expensive due to small-scale farming, production variability, low consumer demand, limited availability, and regulatory and cultural barriers.

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Bugs on the Menu: Understanding the Risk of Insect Allergies

Insects are increasingly being recognized as a sustainable and nutritious alternative to traditional animal protein sources, but some people may be allergic to insects and may experience allergic reactions when consuming them. In this essay, we explore the potential for allergic reactions to insects, the proteins in insects that are most likely to cause allergies, and the risk of developing an allergy to insects compared to other common allergens. We also discuss the potential for cross-reactivity between insect allergies and allergies to seafood and dust mites. If you are concerned about the risk of an allergic reaction, it is important to speak with a healthcare professional before trying insects as a source of food.

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Why edible insects are an excellent snack with beer?

Edible insects have been a popular source of protein and nutrition for many cultures around the world for centuries, and they make for an excellent snack when enjoyed with a cold beer. Many insects are high in protein and provide essential amino acids, making them a healthy and satisfying snack.

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