Party Bugs with the German TV-chef Dirk Hoffmann


Trainee job

Do you want to create the number one blog globally?

We are looking for a web developer trainee to make our edible insect blog pages the best insect food-related webpages worldwide!

The task is challenging but not impossible. The edible insects are a new branch of business, and competitors’ webpages have not yet grown very strong. We can still win them all! And that looks good on your CV!

Party Bugs is a fast internationalizing Finnish startup. We produce the first 100% as party snacks branded edible insect products in the world.

You should have the enthusiasm to build good-looking, informative, and SEO-optimized webpages that draw visitors. You love to write lively and exciting texts. You do not need to create the information from scratch. All information we want to publish already exists. Your task is to make it look attractive.

We expect from you excellent skills in English. Other languages are a plus.

You can work from home, and at those times you want, you are also welcome to work at our office and production facility in Vantaa.

The trainee job is not limited to web development but can include all kinds of startup company tasks like production, handling orders, making calls, helping with sales, etc.

The blog design is an unpaid trainee job, but at the same time, you learn how a startup works.